Alinit UTS: Translation Hub (module)

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Translation file name #

File name must contain the language code and the language region code. Translation file should have .utsdata extension and UTF-8 encoding.
Such a file can be edited in any the most popular text editors.

Example file name:

en-us.utsdata //US English
//en - lang code
//- - separator
//us - region

Translation file structure #

Example translation file structure (US English, en-us.utsdata)

$lang:US English
$version: 1
@choose_lang_text:Choose your language from the list below:
@new_game_button:New game
@choose_line_button:ok | choose line
@max_speed_text:Max. speed
@cars_total_text:Cars (total)
@speed_limit_text:Speed Limit
@cab_camera_button:Cab camera
@head_light_button:Head Light
@cab_light_button:Cab Light
@stop_pos_header:Stop position control
@express_train_notifiaction:This is express train. Skip this station.
@view_pos_header:<- View position ->

$lang – use to set full language name
$version – internal file version
// – comment
@ – indicates string key (do not modify!)
@@ – multiline string

First line structure #

$lang:US English
//$A - language name service key
// : - separator
//  B - language name service key value 

Single line structure #

$lang:US English
@choose_lang_text:Choose your language from the list below:
@new_game_button:New game

//@A - string ID (key)
// : - separator
//  B - string value (single line)

Multiline text structure #

@@:click me!
@@:do it now!

//@@:click me! - second line for @ok_text
//@@:do it now! - third line for @ok_text

  click me!
  do it now!