This page contains Alinit UTS Development Log (new events first).

[2/15/2022] and data transfer
[2/14/2022] Menu panel (main) is ready for testing
[2/14/2022] Unexpected delay finished.
[2/05/2022] Unexpected delay started...
[2/04/2022] Platform-Specific Plugin 2 connected to Train Preset Selector (standard mode) and Map Editor Selector
[2/04/2022] Platform-Specific Plugin 2 updated (version 1.2) 
[2/04/2022] Platform-Specific Plugin 2 updated (version 1.1) to provide more privacy for users
[2/02/2022] front page update ("Media Links" section), Discord server link added instead of  Telegram community.
[2/01/2022] security update (embed posts)
[2/01/2022] Roadmap page has been updated 
(section, Platform-Specific plug-ins
[2/01/2022] Plugin 2 (version 1.0) for Alinit UTS: Train Sim is ready for beta testing.
[1/29/2022] security update (embed posts)
[1/27/2022] Log started...